Ramstein survivor is looking for pictures of his family

Nadine and Carmen Fuchs - if someone has pictures from Ramstein, where they can be recognized, we kindly ask you to send them to us - Picture: ZVg Roland Fuchs

Today, we kindly ask our dear readers for your support - those who were in Ramstein in 1988 and anyone who knows someone who visited the airshow.

The then 23-year-old Roland Fuchs lost his daughter Nadine (5) and his wife Carmen (21) in the flight accident of Ramstein. When the three jets of Frecce Tricolori collided into each other and one aircraft crashed burning into the audience, Carmen Fuchs was killed immediately. Roland Fuchs himself and his five-year-old daughter suffered severe burns, resulting in Nadine passing away shortly after. Only the father of this family survived and struggled himself back to daily life.

Since then, Roland Fuchs has been searching for pictures of the airshow, where he can be seen together with his family. Therefore, also on behalf of Mr. Fuchs, we kindly ask you, our dear readers, for your assistance.

"A big wish of mine is to find someone who provided me or Nadine first aid then and who perhaps even remembers us. Moreover, for many years now I have been looking for pictures of the airshow itself, where coincidentally one of us can be seen as well. It would mean a lot to me if I could get such pictures."
Roland Fuchs

Were you at this airshow and took pictures? Then we kindly ask you to sift through your old pictures to see whether there are people on it, who could potentially be the Fuchs family. Please scan these images, preferably at high resolution, and send them to us by Email. If you know someone who visited Ramstein on August 28, 1988, then please share this request.

Roland Fuchs before the accident - Picture: ZVg Roland Fuchs

We will forward all incoming messages and pictures to Mr. Fuchs, as soon as we receive them. We would like to thank all our readers in advance for your support.

For as much as the search for such pictures is probably the proverbial search for the needle in a haystack, perhaps a little miracle will happen with your support...

Your Austrian Wings editorial team